2016 Shortlists

Congratulations to all the finalists! This is the list of the year – below are the films that will be screened at Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 2016.

It’s a show you don’t want to miss. Come be part of the celebration on October 22nd! You can pick up your tickets here – we’ll have the popcorn waiting at Nick’s.

Best Animation
The Moment – Karis Oh
The Phone Card – Brenda M. Lopez Zepeda
The Journey Never Starts. The Journey Never Ends. – Michelle Brand
Pianos – Aleksandr Kirienko 
It Needs to Eat – Lauren Flinner
Becoming A Landscape – Renata Davis
The Trees –
Rebecca Murrell

Best Smartphone Production
Namesake – Najma Hush
Art Guitars – Cassidy Parker Knight & Jeff Knight
The Old Soldiers of Killeens – Colm Scully
Halloween – Brian Higgins & RJ Walker
In A World Without Cats –
Cindy St. Onge

Shoots! Youth Prize
Hardboiled Egg – Shira Moolten
An Ode to Shrewsbury – John Hayeck

Children of the War – Radheya Jegatheva
Be Creative – Sajeev Jeevanam
Alongside the Lake – Jordan Blackadar

Here Kitty Kitty
Restart – Pelle Folmer
Door – Victoria Wells & Leah Noble Davidson
Triangles (Треугольники) – Gala Shiyan  &  John Vain (Dmitry Erokhin)
Benjamin’s Brother – Too Short for Modeling (Noam Sharon & Tal Rosenthal) 
Instructions for Singing – Adrián Suárez (for Julio Cortázar)

Best Production One Minute or Under
The Sad Sea – Javier Rodes
Start of Winter Gary Hoare & Kara Kulpa
qaywsxedcrfvtgbzhnujmiklop – Vera Sebert
Red Tail
 – Diane Mulligan
Solitude Tropicale – Camila Chavez & Eduardo Matsuzaki

Best Sound or Music in a Production
Dunes – Jo Lane & Anna Tuck
Not the Stars – H. Paul Moon & John Dofflemyer
Ted – Jon Constantinou
Blackbird – Joy Etukudo
My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad – Jo Lane with Dave Viney
Fucking Him – Adrian Garcia Gomez and C.O. Moed

Mermaid Esther: An Astonishing Fire – Rachel Kann and Brad E. Cooper
Tiny Bones and Dust – Spontaneous Bob & Jennifer E. Hudgens
Grammar of Movement – Roger Stoneburner & Kevin Devaney
Kneading Language – Celia Parra
Road to Nowhere – Jessica Lovina Guimond
Love’s River of Errors – Dave Richardson

Perro de nadie (No one’s dog) –  Santiago Parres
Advice on Overcoming Trauma: From the Violin on the Titanic – Heidi Therrien
River Fleet Sailor’s Death – Anzhela Bogachenko
Small Journeys Skyward – Meriel Lland
Body With No Windows – Annelyse Gelman