The Show

NIksbyGaryHoare_zps9deddbe0Nick’s – photo collage by Gary Hoare

The 2017 festival will be October 21st, at Nick’s – a matinee and (!) and awards ceremony, even!

In the meanwhile, here are some pictures from last year at Hadwen Park Congregational Church who took such good care of us after everything went sideways


Let’s do it again in 2017 – and with the return of the matinee showcases, too!  Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 2017 will be screening films on the afternoon and evening of October 22nd back at Nick’s – keep your ears perked for updates!

*There were floods, and the power was lost, and then the power came back on, and then there was an explosion (this is not figuarative, y’all), and then the power went out again. And then Bill & Charlie MacMillan saved the day. I’m not even joking, omg.
**And they sent us with popcorn, omg. ♥ ♥ ♥
****In the dark and in a rush, I left the red carpet at Nick’s. I rolled up the orange rug from our office and with Rachel Kann’s help stuffed it into the car =D


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