Shoots! Youth Prize

Doublebunny Press is thrilled to announce that through the contributions of an anonymous donor, Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival will now have a youth prize for best poetry film, the Shoots Prize.
shoots right72

The Shoots! Prize will award $100 to the best poetry film (you can call it a video if you’d like, we don’t mind) by someone 17 or under. That’s a lot of Steam credit right there, that is.

Ok, so the rules again, simple and sweet:
– 4 minutes in time length or less
– the poet cannot perform the poem in the video
– own the rights to the work or have permission from the author (who should be involved in the filmmaking, too)
– get that stuff uploaded by July 1st

Q: Same rules as everyone else?
A: Yup – same rules, only with the addition that to be qualified for the Shoots Prize, you must be 17 or under.

Q: Can I get help from someone 18 or over? Can my parents pitch in, too?
A: Yes – a little help is fine. That said, you should be doing the majority of the making. It’s like when you’re doing a big project for school and you have no idea how to put together the online bibliography, right? You ask someone how to do it and they guide you through it, and then you go on from there. So, say your mom is super good at video editing – let her walk you through it and show you how it’s done, move the process along when you hit a snag, but you and/or your under-18 collaborator do the heavy lifting. If it’s a fifty-fifty split between you and your mom, your poem film is still in competition, just in the other categories, natch.

Q: Does submitting into the youth category disqualify me from the other categories?
A: It does not. You are qualified for all the regular categories, and also the youth category.

Collaboration is fine – encouraged, even. Team up if you want to! And going solo is fine – maybe you’re the kind that creates in solitude, that’s cool too. But overall, make a good time.

Are you ready to make your movie now?

Here’s the main info page for Rabbit Heart, and here’s the submissions page. Feel free to email me with your updates or questions at

Love yer faces – totally excited about you being part of this!

Sou MacMillan
Doublebunny Press
Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival


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