When Sou MacMillan first moved to Worcester, MA in 1995 to live with the love of her life, it still felt to her like there was something missing – that something turned out to be small press goodness. And so with an outdated version of Pagemaker, a bunch of magazines, a sharpie marker, and a good pair of scissors (and some riot-y music on the stero, natch) , Doublebunny Press was born. Some chapbooks were made, some greeting cards happened, we all got excited.

D2Logo1.5squareSoon Doublebunny started taking names in earnest as the publisher of Omnivore Magazine, a poetry and arts monthly which, during its three-year run, published poetry and articles by over 150 authors, and carried a national subscription base. More chapbooks happened, some book covers got published, exciting things started to happen. 2002 and 2003 were amazing years for Doublebunny Press – teaming up with the Worcester Poets’ Asylum, they produced sold-out performances of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monolgues at the Bijou Theater in downtown Worcester, and in 2003, Doublebunny took its maiden voyage as a recording label with the release of music by Daily Mouse. Twenty years after it was founded, Doublebunny is still going strong, planning for the second Rabbit Heart Film Festival in 2015.

Today Doublebunny is a small independent press and service that serves the New England area and beyond through print design, layout, and production of fine books, cds, and posters.

3 Responses to About

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  2. Terry L. Stelmokas says:

    Hello! I write poetry and what I call “thinkings.” I am on my way to writing a book. Do you publish poetry or can you point me in the right direction? Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Trying to get myself out there. Have a folder full of writings that I just add to.
    Terry L. Stelmokas

    • Hi, Terry!

      Doublebunny Press is more of a layout and design group than an actual publisher (sometimes we do put together small runs of a particular book, but these are not from solicitations, and tend to be pet projects of the staff). If you’re interested in putting together a chapbook of your work, Doublebunny can certainly lend a dainty paw – check out the Layout and Bookmaking tab for price listings and more info.


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