Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival

Submissions for 2017 are now closed. Time to start dreaming up your movie for next year <6

logo202017_zps2gkg4wh3Welcome back to  Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival, sister! Presented by Doublebunny Press and based out of Worcester, MA*, the name just fits.

This film festival is about bringing together poetry and the visual arts at the intersection of film.** Anyone can make a video of a poet reading a poem, but that’s not what Rabbit Heart is all about. What we’re looking for is what can be done visually with a poem, without showing performance.*** The poem can be the soundtrack, and the springboard for what happens visually – show, don’t tell is the rule. (Click here for full rules and guidelines.)

And we are rewarding awesome work! Yes, really! Rabbit Heart will be awarding prizes at the viewing party in October! Best Overall Picture will win $200, and there will be $100 prizes in categories for Best Animation, Best Music in a Video, Best Phone/ Smartphone Production, Best Under 1 Minute, and Best Valentine.

Did I mention the viewing party and awards ceremony? Yes, that’s right – in 2017 we will be back for our fourth (*technically,* third year – thank you Hadwen Park!) at Nick’s Bar, where there will be a rollicking good screening party on the night of Saturday, October 21st (as well as a matinee screening earlier that day!) Winners will be announced, popcorn will  be served, and the guests will be glamorous! OMG, SO MUCH FUN! You can see the pictures from the 2016 party at Hadwen Park Congregational**** on the Show page, and view the finalists’ videos on our YouTube page. (DVDs from 2014 are available, too, in the store.)


*The Heart of Massachusetts, natch.

**Ok ok, video. Or that digital place where pictures dance pretty to sound. You know, like a movie.

***No performance! No one reading the poem. Not even a little bit. Upworthy & Button have that covered, they do it right and delightfully. It’s just not what’s going on here.

****Some stuff happened and there was an emergency venue change, but the show went on!

And! Great news! Rabbit Heart was honored for a third year with a grant from the WAC & MCC! Here’s the official language –

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Worcester Arts Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Thank you Worcester!



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  18. Never saw announcement on film freeway or your site about finalists for poetry film festival. Will this happen. YL

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