big picture72Submissions for 2018 are now open! They will remain open until July 1st.

Ok, so you’ve followed the rules, you’ve made your movie, and you’ve turned it into an MP4. You’re almost ready to submit it. The first thing that you need to do is upload it to Vimeo, your Google Drive or another sharing system,* (but please not YouTube**) and generate a share link. We need to be able to download your film,*** so make sure that permissions are enabled to do that.

A couple quick notes about your film for submission:
– Your poetry film should have NO CREDITS on it. Judging is blind, so please make sure there are no names on your film, not even before or after.
– We welcome international submissions! That said, please be aware that our judges are English speakers. If your poem is not in English, subtitles that are in English will help your film along.
– If you are submitting multiple films, they each need to be submitted as their own entity.

Ok, so you just need to fill in this form, and you’re all set \o/ Can’t wait to see your movies!

By submitting your film, you give Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival permission, in the event that it wins honors, to screen your film at the viewing party and awards ceremony on October 22nd in Worcester, MA, and other festival-related screenings, permission to archive your film to the Rabbit Heart YouTube channel, and permission to include it in future promotions and maybe even a 2018 festival  dvd.


*Like One Drive, or DropBox, or any other cloud-based service that will allow you to share the link for download. If you already have a Gmail account, you probably have a Google Drive account. If you do not, you can get Drive here. Please do not use YouTube in lieu of a sharing platform.

Here are some handy how-to pix for sharing through Google Drive –

Once you’ve uploaded your film, you need to generate a link to share it. To do that, checkmark the box to the left of the file name, and then click the share button (the person with the plus sign).

This will bring you to a menu where you can either share by email or copy a link. You’ll want to copy the link.
sharing prefs 1

It’s pretty much the same in OneDrive, except with nifty thumbnails to choose your video from.

**Vimeo is really great for sharing, too. In fact, you can password protect your video, so that you can share with just us (don’t forget to send the password, natch), even.

***The quality on some of the sites (especially on OneDrive) can be radically different when viewed in the window, as opposed to after download. After download tends to be much higher quality. Also, judging will take place in a comfy living room, with couches and nibbles, and a big teevee – in order to do that, we need to stick your movie on a thumb drive.


31 Responses to Submissions

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  5. My poet and filmmaking partner and I have a poetry film we would like to submit, but the film consists of 17 short related poems as an experimental video prose poem essay. It is longer than 4 min. Is there any place for such a film in your festival? Our film does not really lend itself to more conventional film festival categories, and we would be disappointed to learn that we don’t fit your festival either. But we don’t want to waste our money on the entrance fee if we don’t fit your guidelines.

    • Hi, Jack!

      The only way I could really tell you would be if you sent it over and we take a look – feel free to drop it in the submissions & someone from the team will preview it & get in touch.

      ps – there is no submission fee for Rabbit Heart.

  6. sarah says:

    My son made a movie with one of my poems. He is seventeen now but will turn 17 in a month. We are ready to submit, can he submit to the youth prize?

  7. sarah says:

    Sorry I meant 18 in a month.

  8. Radheya Jegatheva says:

    Hi Just submitted my film! hope all is ok and I did things correct for the youth category

  9. Gary Hoare says:

    I think/hope that went through.

  10. Nino says:

    When is the deadline for 2017 submission?

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  14. Is there a date after which the film must have been made? That sounds weird. I mean, how old can the film be?

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  17. Lisa S. says:

    Why do you require the filmmaker and writer of the poem to be the same person? Why not allow collaborations?

  18. “The only way I could really tell you would be if you sent it over and we take a look – feel free to drop it in the submissions & someone from the team will preview it & get in touch.

    I’d like to submit 3 short films that are a little longer than the 4 minutes limits (5:00 mins, 6:40 mins and 6:50 mins).
    I really hope that you are gonna give them a chance… or that you like them even stopping the viewing at 4:00 minutes ;-)

    Many thanks.

  19. Martín Klein says:

    Hi. Do you acept only original poems? I´ve made a poetryfilm with an old poem written by great poetess from my country. I´ve the permission to use it in my film. And also: de video is longer than 4 minutes. I´ve read the comments and you say you would watch it anyway. Can I apply?

    • Hi, Martin =)

      Cover poems and overtime are *kind of mostly* ok. Let me explain – our worst-kept secret is the Here Kitty Kitty category, in which excellent work that doesn’t *quite* meet the guidelines gets to stay in the running. We’ve seen work there that runs the gamut, from a little overtime to being more of a music video, to being someone else’s poem. There’s a cute cat-shaped trophy for it, even, and three to four poems will make it to the final round and be screened at the awards ceremony.

      BUT ALSO! This year we’re going to have a matinee again – Nick’s has been kind enough to host us for a few extra hours in the afternoon on October 21st, and we have really good treats in store – including a special showcase just for OPP (Other People’s Poems)!

      Which is to say, by all means, please do submit your poetryfilm. Please let us know that your film is a cover when you make your submission (down in the bottom of the form where we ask about permissions) so we can make sure you get sorted into the right category, and you should be all set.

  20. Thanks, Martin! I saw your film come in when I checked the mail this morning =) We will be announcing our programme in late September (with submitter notifications at the beginning of September).


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