Oddfellows Oracle from Joie Higgins


You can purchase the Oddfellows Oracle at the Doublebunny store.

Doublebunny Press is pleased to announce the Oddfellows Oracle, a beautiful set of augury cards designed and brought to life by Joie Higgins. Each deck is unique, constructed by hand from start to finish, and imbued with good intentions along the way.

In brilliant full-color illustration, this new 42-card arcana is a gorgeous twist on traditional tarot decks. Blending Art Nouveau stylings with Steampunk and Industrial Gypsy motifs, this exquisite collection is perfect for the card reader who is grounded in tradition while keeping contemporary.

The vibrant images of the Oddfellows Oracle are the brainchild of Joie Higgins, best known for her works in ink and graphic marker. Her work can be found on exhibit in galleries in Florida, and in finer collections internationally.

Here’s a preview of the cards – you can click any image below to enlarge.



**Oracle is not gauranteed to forcast the future.**


The Odd fellows tarot deck…amazing!!! From the conceptual artwork to the rich vibrant color printing to the quality and feel of the deck in your hand. Outstanding, mesmerizing and visually scrumptious. The Odd fellows deck is dripping with intense color and masterfully blended pictorial mood and intent within a wonderful densely detailed industrial mythos steam punk style. I truly love this deck.
-Raymond Wilkerson

Love the deck!  Only steampunk deck any of have seen.  Did a few readings and love it.  Thank you Joie and Sou.
-Cora Broskowitz