Collage by Sou MacMillan

Doublebunny Press is pleased to feature collage work by Sou MacMillan in many of our designs for books, posters, and cds.

“There’s more than one perspective to anything. In the pages of commercial magazines & catalogues, one finds a mirror of our world – a nascent century full of the things that scare us, the things that comfort us, things to buy, places to visit. In the surgical disassembling and reassembling of the “truth,” I find another, equally relevant story, and dare to tell it.”
-Sou MacMillan

(click on the images below to see larger)

Vegan Breakfast  Awndyn 2025 Color Study in Orange
Happiest Meat Gentlemanly Argument
Seahorses 2
Jay with Maps The Dressmaker Dreams

Journey,  a picturebook story
(click on the cover below to see slideshow)

This is a special chapbook that was made to celebrate the birth of the author’s niece. Five copies were printed.


6 Responses to Collage by Sou MacMillan

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  5. Patty Keough says:

    I have kept a post card sized “The Dressmaker Dreams” since way back. Always cherished it and the Daily Mouse CD artwork!

    Looking forward to having her unique and wonderful visuals on my projects.

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