SO many thank yous!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen –

Applause! Applause! Thank you Nick’s Bar and Restaurant for hosting Rabbit Heart this year! Special shout-outs to Bill and Nicole for taking the details in hand.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the spring Go Fund Me campaign – without your support, we would not have  been able to keep submissions free for our filmmakers. Big big thank yous to Rachel Beckworth, Sarah Gillis, Tony Brown,  Avery Dawson, Mike Nowak, Jen & Bernie Keaney, Samantha Marquart, Melinda Lee, Greg Brisandine, Bryna Kirzner,  Isaac Baron, Sandy Rosenberg, Aisha Naseem, Cora & Barry Broskowitz, Eric Darby, Jen Busfield, Melanie Mowinski, Sarah  Bierman, Liz Heath, Bob Gill, Allan Broskowitz, and Jenith Charpentier

Thank you to the people who told me over and over again that this could be done, that we could have a poetry film  festival here in Worcester – deep and burning gratitude goes out to Skip Shea, Bill & Liberty MacMillan, April Ardito, Ted  Desmond, Sarah Gillis, Aisha Naseem, Karen Garrabrant, Rachel Kann, Linda Jackson, Suzi Banks Baum, Jenith Charpentier,  Bobby Gibbs, Molly McArthur, Carolyn Jepsen, and of course to Allan Broskowitz, who churned out those fantastic What  Not To Submit Monday videos week after week during open submissions.

Thank you to the people who made the show happen! To the judges, Bill MacMillan, Angel Gonzalez, Elizabeth Heath, Sarah Sapienza, Allan Broskowitz, Bob Gill, and Jenith Charpentier, I raise my glass to you! To our emcees for the night, Tony Brown and Melissa Mitchell, I make it a sazarach! To Molly MacArthur, Bobby Gibbs, and Carolyn Jepson, who watched the door and made sure tickets were punched and everyone got great seats, I make it a double.

And big big thank yous to everyone who inspires Doublebunny to forge on, not only with their support, but with the work  that they do and the art that they make. Here’s to you, Alex Charalambides and the 7Hills gang, James Dempsey of the Worcester Journal, Gary Hoare of the Top Floor reading series, Melanie Mowinski at PRESS, Vibrant Visionary Karen

Arp-Sandel, Jackie Morrill  & Mareh Labenski of the Round Room Women’s Writing Series, Suzi Banks Baum of Laundry Line Divine, Skip Shea of the Shawn Shea Independent Film Festival, Scott Woods of the Writer’s Block poetry series, Jenith Charpentier & the crew at Ballard Street Poetry Journal, and Polina Horodyska of CYCLOP.

And most of all, thank you to everyone who submitted a film for the festival this year – you are too numerous to mention by name, but know that you are the heart of this festival. Thank you thank you thank you.



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